The Traveling Radio Show Experience

Colleges and Universities are always looking for exciting, unique interdisciplinary educational experiences for their students. Jeff Jacoby, Professor of Audio & Radio at San Francisco State University, has developed a radio program called The Traveling Radio Show— a noncommercial one hour radio program with episodes running on NPR affiliates. The Traveling Radio Show is entertaining and informative, featuring the sounds, people, and culture of the places we visit, bringing listeners along with us on an offbeat and upbeat audio adventure unlike anything they have heard before. The most recent episode, now airing nationwide, was created with students from San Francisco State University. We will create the next episode with your students, involving them in all aspects of our unique program.

Day One

The Lecture / Performance
Open to all members of the community, we will present a one hour look and listen into the wonderful world of sound and radio art, live on your campus stage. This first evening with The Traveling Radio Show will be informative, entertaining and inspiring for anyone interested in radio, sound, theater, film, and music.

Day Two through Six

The Master Class
By advance signup, we'll work with students to plan and record onsite material for a new and unique Traveling Radio Show episode that will eventually air on NPR affiliates nationwide. Students will also work with us to develop a live radio special to be broadcast on the campus station, which will include elements of the recordings made during the week. Interest areas we will explore together include storytelling, interview technique, location recording, editing, sound design, ensemble and improvisational acting, script development and producing / directing.

Day Seven

The Live Radio Show
Tune in! The Traveling Radio Show is live on your campus airwaves. The show is custom designed for your community, hosted by students from the Master Class and the Producers of The Traveling Radio Show. With remarkable comic characters, unusual road trips, live music, strange commercials, new-fashioned radio theater, and other assorted surprises, we'll set you on your ear.

Who We Are (Principals)

Jeff Jacoby
Currently serving on the faculty in the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Department at San Francisco State University, Emmy award winning producer and radio artist Jeff Jacoby has created radio, audio, and video programs since 1975. His recent work is primarily engaged with an ongoing investigation of sound and radio art, both solo and in collaboration with artists working in other mediums. Jacoby has served on the faculty of Quinnipiac University and the Digital Audio Project at Real Art Ways, on the boards of The Media Arts Center in New Haven, CT and The National Radio Project in Oakland, CA, and was a commissioned artist / instructor for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Ongoing projects include The Traveling Radio Show, CitySonics, and The Freedom Fries Art Collective. In addition to his Emmy, Jacoby has been awarded two Ciné Golden Eagles, two Benjamin Franklin awards, two Crystal Radios, the Gold Cindy, and grants from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and San Francisco State University. See

Tom Hood
Thomas Hood has been involved in music and sound recording since 1970. In 1985 he established Hood's Woods Music, a project recording studio in Portland, Oregon. He's worked as Sound Designer for the Janus Professional Sound Library, programmed, performed, and served on the boards of radio stations KAOS, KBOO, KMUN, & WLNV. provided audio restoration services for the Oregon Historical Society and is a multi-instrumentalist playing 6 and 12 string guitars, electric guitars and keyboards. Currently, along with his producing and co-hosting duties with The Traveling Radio Show, he's producing independent radio documentaries on a wide variety of topics.


The Traveling Radio Show is supported through the generosity of granting organizations, so there is no fee for our appearance on your campus. We ask that you provide travel expenses: airfare for two and lodging (two rooms) for one week. Where applicable, we ask that you provide recording devices and other audio equipment for your students in the Master Class, and provide one day’s meals for our team on campus, which allows us to spend more quality time with your students. There may be
other incidentals that we will discuss with you in advance.