Don’t Touch That Dial!

Since 1975, The Traveling Radio Show has taken listeners along for the ride, impressing them with the richness of detail and humor we pack in every suitcase.


What's News


Traveling Radio Show Producer/Host Jeff Jacoby will be attending the "What is Radio?" conference in Portland, OR this April. He will be asking that very same question of his fellow radio wizards. If he gets an answer, he'll report it here. Stay tuned!


We are considering a new episode on the west coast, and welcome your ideas for a location. Among the contestants are the Oregon coast, the Lost Coast of California, and Hollywood.


The Traveling Radio Show Goes to Portland, Oregon! continues to receive air time around the country. Let us know if you would like a copy for your station, or you may download it for FREE on this very website under "Where We've Been." Please let us know if you broadcast the show!


We are happy to belatedly report that the Portland episode received the Best of Festival King Award at the Broadcast Education Association competition last year! This is a high honor, and we are delighted to accept it.


Our latest episode, The Traveling Radio Show Goes to Portland, Oregon! is now fully available for broadcast. Contact us if you would like a copy or download it for free on our "Where We've Been" page.


Our latest episode, The Traveling Radio Show Goes to Portland! is hot off the presses. Distribution is imminent. Stay tuned!


The Traveling Radio Show Goes to San Francisco! has been selected as "Best of Competition" in Long-Form Radio at the BEA Festival, 2009. This is a prestigious and coveted award given to the best programs produced by media faculty members at universities across the country. Jeff teaches in the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Department at San Francisco State University. We are delighted to accept this award in Las Vegas in April, and we hope this leads you to put us on your radio station!!


The Traveling Radio Show Goes to San Francisco! is now available to download for free!


The Traveling Radio Show Goes to San Francisco! is released! That’s right, we did the Fog City, listening in at all the strangest places, and this town has plenty of them. Now broadcasting at a radio station near you. Brought to you by the fine folks at San Francisco State University.


Our NYC episode has been downloaded from Public Radio Exchange for broadcast by KUOW, 94.9 FM in Seattle, Washington. We started our show on nearby KAOS, 89.3 FM in Olympia many years ago, so we're thrilled to have it on the air again in the great Pacific Northwest!


SFM Consulting has agreed to help us get the show distributed and act as our general consultant. We greatly appreciate the confidence Steve has placed in our efforts. The relationship has already engendered some changes in the program, which will result in an even more focused effort as we move forward.


The Traveling Radio Show is completing new episodes and is actively pursuing corporate partners. If you are interested in a partnership, we have a terrific opportunity for you.

Please contact


Another review of the show is in. This time it’s about our one hour Audio Adventure to New York City. Here’s an excerpt:

I grew up in New York, so this is stuff close to home, and I can be pretty critical about efforts to cover its many colors and textures. These guys do a great job! What makes this show unique is the obvious comfort that the trio have developed together, and their ability to put the listener right in the middle of that comfort zone. There's a playfulness that is obvious amongst this crew, and they're not shy about showing it with tape rolling. Stations, this is a fresh take at travel and culture. It's out of the studio, where it belongs, and it's got a real youthful feeling. A show like this is prime for some national corporate sponsorship. The audio quality is excellent, as is the voice-work and announcing. The storytelling is topnotch, fun, and of such a variety that it keeps the show moving at a brisk pace. I think I'll be getting tickets for their next excursion myself.


I’m happy to report that The Traveling Radio Show got a very positive review on PRX (the Public Radio Exchange) from Bill Palladino ( Here’s what he said about our short-form (3 minute) Audio Postcards:

These five audio postcards are designed as teasers for the full program. They are quirky, funny little vignettes, that remind me of how Conan O'Brien might sound if he did Public Radio. Fishmarkets, tours of Chinatown, and other gems of New York's backstreets find an appreciative and audience in TRS, and it's eclectic crew. Designed specifically as inserts to ME, or ATC. If you're playing the whole Traveling Radio Show on your station, you must use these! If not, they'll work on their own too. These pieces show how fun informational programming can be.

Thanks, Bill!


I uploaded The Traveling Show Goes to New York City (both the Full Episode (one hour) and five 3-minute Audio Postcards to the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) website. We’re hoping that NPR stations around the country will notice and download the shows.


Revised the New York episode based on comments from Oregon-based co-producer Tom Hood.


Many calls coming in from listeners that caught the show and they uniformly expressed delight that we’re back on the air.


Traveling Radio returns to the airwaves on WNPR. The world premiere broadcast of The Traveling Radio Show Goes to New York City went out on the five WNPR frequencies at 4 PM Sunday, September 26, 2004.